Project Code: M.ERANET-3102-TANDEM-5

UEFISCDI, project number 56/2016, within PNCDI III - Program 3: European and international cooperation, Subprogram 3.2. Horizon 2020

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The specific innovation objectives of the TANDEM project are related to the development of a new generation of well-adherent and hard diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC) with good temperature stability. The novelty is in coatings combining high hardness (>40 GPa), smooth surface and low internal stress, allowing the deposition of adherent thick coatings (min. 3 μm) on metal parts with complex geometries. These combined features are especially desirable for automotive industry, in which DLC represent the largest proportion of thin film coating solutions. The benefits generated by the new DLC coatings will be: significantly improved fuel economy (protection of natural resources), reduced emissions (protection of the environment) and improved durability (lower waste and maintenance). TANDEM consortium addresses the whole chain from the synthesis of a coating to the final applications.