Uppsala University

P1 (Coordinator): Uppsala University, Department of Engineering Sciences (UU)

UU is one of Sweden’s largest and most complete universities (60,000+ students and 6,000 employees). Research is made within 9 faculties, where Science and technology holds 1,600 employees; 214 professors, 580 Ph.D. students and 10,000 students in natural sciences and technology programs. The yearly output is ca 1,800 publications in international journals.
The Ångström Laboratory at UU is a major laboratory with some 600 researchers and PhD students, and a floor area of about 70,000 m2. The Ångström Laboratory contains most of the science and technology groups in chemistry and physics devoted to materials and energy science and technology, which are also two of the priority areas of UU. The materials sciences research is supported by strong theoretical groups in various fields of solid state physics, surface science and quantum chemistry.
The Department of Engineering Sciences at UU has a long tradition of research on plasma technologies, especially magnetron sputtering. At present, the research is focusing on highly ionized synthesis of thin films and novel techniques for high quality thin films, especially oxides and nitrides. The team has several PVD systems equipped for HiPIMS and access to the resources of the Ångström Laboratory.