Work plan


A.4.1 Mechanical testing of pieces
A.4.2 Functional testing and validation on real pieces
A.4.3 Protection of intellectual property rights
A.4.4 Dissemination

A.3.7 Dissemination of results


A.3.1 Implementation of of DLC deposition technology in industrial conditions
A.3.2 Optimization of interlayer for DLC coatings
A.3.3 Mechanical and tribological characterization of DLC coatings obtained in industrial conditions on planar flat samples
A.3.4 Functional testing and post mortem analysis
A.3.5 Update of the exploitation and dissemination plan
A.3.6 Support activities

A.3.7 Dissemination of results


A.2.1 Testing of technological platform for industrial process
A2.2 Implementation and testing of synchronized substrate bias
A.2.3 Development of interlayers for improved adhesion of DLC coatings
A.2.4 Updating of Exploitation and Dissemination plan
A.2.5 Support activities
A.2.6 Dissemination

A.1.1 Development of technological platform for industrial process
A.1.2 Scaling of industrial process
A.1.3 Definition of exploitation and dissemination plan
A1.4 Support activities

A1.5 Dissemination